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It’s January 2014: Where is My Refund?

Are you already asking where your refund is for 2014?  You do realize it’s a bit early don’t you?  The IRS has just announced that they’ll begin accepting e-filed tax returns on January 31, 2014.  That means you won’t be seeing an IRS refund until at least a couple of weeks after that…in other words, the earliest IRS refunds will be sent out in February 2014.

Even after you’ve e-filed your tax return, searching on 2014 Where is My Refund? will result in nothing but wasted time.  The IRS says you must wait 24 hours after you have received notification that they received your e-filed tax return.  Only then can you start looking up the status of your 2014 refund.

2014: Where is My Refund?

There’s only one way to get your 2014 Refund status.  That’s through the IRS.  The best way is to visit their 2014 Where is My Refund? page.  If you don’t have a computer then there is an IRS Refund Hotline you can call.  But don’t think you’re going to get any additional information just because you’re calling rather than logging in.  You’ll only get exactly what you would have got by going online and checking your refund status that way.

The IRS really tries to begin accepting e-filed tax returns sooner than January but each year something seems to get in the way of that.  For 2014, it was the government shutdown, or furloughs that occurred in 2013.  No work got done during the various furloughs that took place throughout the year, so everything got pushed back by about ten days.  The original acceptance date for 2014 tax returns was going to be January 21, 2014.

However, once February has hit and you’ve submitted your federal income tax return, you may begin looking for your refund.  Keep in mind that the IRS is the only place to get that information!  And nobody’s tax return is processed more quickly just because they may have filed through a commercial tax preparation company.  The IRS views all e-files equally, no matter where they came from: your own personal computer or the desktop computer of an H&R Block employee!  Don’t fall for false promises that say someone can get your refund faster…all e-files are created equal in the eyes of the IRS.